Melbourne fans are battling a sense of impeding doom following their 9-0 start to the season.

It’s the Demons best start to the season since 1956 when they went on to defeat Collingwood by 73-points in the Grand Final.

At corporate offices around Melbourne on Monday morning, colleagues were said to be getting around the one person they know that is a Demons supporter to congratulate them on another win.

However, it’s hasn’t all been laughs and smiling faces for the nervous Demon faithful.

Lawyer and lifetime Melbourne fan Marcus Finch-Redman – who paid $1800 return to fly to Perth for the 2018 Prelim only to see the Dees capitulate after 3 minutes – said he is losing sleep thinking about how his team are going to “screw this up”.

“These wins are no longer enjoyable. I’m getting scared,” Finch-Redman told Outside Noise.

“My dad took me to the 2000 grand final, we thought that might be our day. He also went to the 1987 prelim…,” Marcus said before his eyes glossed over and lost any ability to communicate.

It was a similar sentiment in the MCC’s Frank Grey Smith bar on Sunday afternoon as Demon fans young and old failed to see any positives in starting the season 9-0.

“Every year since 1964 the Demons have found new and creative ways to break their supporters hearts,” 50-year Melbourne member Nigel Johnson-Campbell told Outside Noise as he sipped on a 2008 Barossa Valley Grenache.

“This year won’t be any different, I’m sure of that.”

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